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5 Things People Need To Know About Work At Home Parents

I noticed that there are a lot of people have of misconceptions about work at home parents. There’s more of us now than before but for the most part, we’re still a minority. People can relate to stay at home parents and working parents but what about parents that’s basically a mismash of both. Are our lives easier or harder than our stay at home and working counterparts? Has his made us better (or worse) parents? To help clear the air, here are 5 things that we, work at home parents, think that people in general need to know about us.

  1. We’re full time parents AND full time workers. We still do most of the child rearing and housekeeping while keeping full time (or part time) jobs. And because we do both, it means we can’t do everything perfectly each and every time. Most days, our homes will look like a disaster area. And more often than not, we have to work longer hours to make up for the time spent taking care of our home and kids.
  2. Despite the fact that we’re home all day, We still need full time help. Just

    My daughter trying to help me work by “working” on her toy laptop. This made all the stress and hard work worthwhile.

    because we’re at home all day doesn’t mean we can do all the chores. We need blocks of time when we can be productive and focused on our work. Its simply not possible for us to do all the chores and work full time. Not having to worry about one chore helps a lot and goes a long way to making us more productive.

  3. We need supportive spouses/partners/family members to make this possible. We can’t deny that we experience a lot of perks being work at home parents, but this is only possible because of the support from people around us. Our spouses/partners often take up more responsibilities and also make allowances that allow us to work while at home.
  4. We sacrifice a lot of our personal time for work and family. I actually work 7 days a week. It’s just not obvious because I wait until my daughter is asleep before I start working. I do this because I want my husband and daughter to feel like they have me exclusively on the weekends. Ironically, this means I have to sacrifice sleeping on the weekends; on the days when I’m supposed to be relaxing.
  5. We NEED our routines, that’s why we get irritated when they’re disrupted. Routines allow us to give as much as we can to our families and our jobs. So when our routines are suddenly disrupted, we often lose our bearings. Yes, this makes us complete control freaks. We often can’t afford to do fun, spontaneous things because that would mean we’ll be hours behind our work or our chores. We still want to have fun, but ideally it has to be planned in advance around our routine.

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The Right To Become A Stay At Home Mom

I was really inspired when I read Mia Redrick’s post about a woman’s right to stay at home. It seems like the feminist movement, which was supposed to free us from the restrictions and stereotypes associated with our sex, sort of backfired and created new restrictions and stereotypes that are maybe as bad as the old ones.

It’s not that I don’t value the wonderful gifts that the feminist movement has given my generation. I can’t imagine a time when it was almost impossible for women to have an education, get a job, have rights and own property. I know that there are still women all over the world who don’t enjoy the same rights. And it saddens me that these women often have to lay down their lives just so their daughters and granddaughters can enjoy the rights that I take for granted.

But it’s also frustrating to see how our fight for quality has also resulted in us undervaluing what is probably our biggest role in mankind: motherhood. Why do we think that a woman’s talent is “wasted” when she chooses to stay at home  instead of going back to work? Why do we think that a woman “isn’t working hard enough” when she chooses to spend only 8 hours at work instead of 10-12 hours? Why are we disappointed when we see women who find more joy and contentment tending to their families instead of focusing our careers? Why are we shaming these women who make these choices instead of celebrating the fact that we finally have all these choices at our disposal?

The feminist movement started in order to give women the freedom to choose


A moment worth staying at home for: watching my daughter read while sitting on her throne.

how they want to live their lives. I hope society starts to see the value of women as a whole. We’re not just workers and citizens; we’re mothers, partners and wives. Our talents are not wasted when we leave our jobs. We don’t stop contributing to society when stop working. We help by trying to raise our children the best way we can.  We help by giving way for other women to shine in the jobs or careers that we left behind. We help by exploring new, different, and better ways to improve our skills and talents; like becoming a work at home mom.

I’m really happy I read this. It made me feel more confident about the choices I made in my life. And I now know how to answer the next time someone asks me, “What is a smart girl like you doing home?”

“Being a mom.”