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Sinugba Festival: Grilling With The Greats


My husband and I love grilled food. So when we heard about the Sinugba festival here in Davao and the eat-all-you-can Sinugba buffet on Friday night, we decided to make that our date night.

We knew it was going to be good when we saw some of our favorite grill places there. From Conchings to Riley Simon, to Zabadani, there was something for everyone. We were glad we got there extra early because it gave us a chance to watch them prepare and cook some of our favorite things to eat.

Me, my sister and I waiting in line for the festival

Me, my sister and I waiting in line for the festival

Getting there early also helped ensure that we got into the buffet early. The organizers told us they expected 800 people but from we saw, there were more than a thousand guests at the festival.

Barbecue, glorious barbecue!

Barbecue, glorious barbecue!

Got the barbecue and the beer, now all we need is the beach.

Got the barbecue and the beer, now all we need is the beach.

Slowly roasted beef smothered in yogurt and herbs. It smelled so good I wanted to stay in the smoke.

Slowly roasted beef smothered in yogurt and herbs. It smelled so good I wanted to stay in the smoke.

Barbecue ribs and isaw prepared to order, both marinated in yogurt, fresh herbs and gata (coconut milk). Yum!

Barbecue ribs and isaw prepared to order, both marinated in yogurt, fresh herbs and gata (coconut milk). Yum!

You can’t help but appreciate the skill and the effort these cooks and grillmasters put into each dish. It’s hard to do everything to order, especially at an eat-all-you-can event. You risk the wrath of customers if you don’t deliver the food on time. But I really appreciated that they instead chose to deliver the best product every time.

Aren't these the loveliest little burgers you've ever seen?

Aren’t these the loveliest little burgers you’ve ever seen?

Grilled seafood, pork and chicken all in one plate

Amazing grilled seafood, pork and chicken all in one plate.

There were some complaints because it was a bit crazy and chaotic. The organizers weren’t able to anticipate the number of people participating. But I really can’t complain much. I came for good food and I got it. It was a lovely night, warm and windy. I ate under the stars with my husband and with good friends. I’m so looking forward to doing this again next year.


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For The Love Of Local Music

My sister and our friends had this pet project of promoting local music. We didn’t have much. It started out as a internet magazine and interviewed a few musicians. We started out having no money, no staff, no support. It was really a labor of love for us that bloomed into this community of music lovers and musicians. We didn’t really expect much but without realizing it, the work that we did gave a small, stagnant industry hope and helped struggling musicians realize that it is possible to reach for the stars.

I was so surprised when my sister reminded me that our magazine, DavaoMusicNation.com is now a year old. I almost can’t believe we made it this far. Considering how Davao Music Nation  started, it’s easy to see why nobody would make it. But we fought back and we thrived because we loved what we were doing and we believed in Filipino talent.

Now, we have partnerships with major music websites, artists, production outfits and regular contributors. We’re still not making any cash from it but we have the respect and support of the local music industry. We achieved what we wanted to do. We put Davao Music on the map and we survived. We did what everyone told us was impossible to do. And the crazy thing about this is we’re still gearing up for more!



Isn’t She Lovely?

Got a lovely gift today from A Gracious Life. My first blog award =)

And what I love about this award is it’s the kind of gift that you can give forward. We moms can do everything and we often don’t get a lot of credit for what we do. Motherhood isn’t easy but it has been worthwhile and rewarding. Having a network of moms who I know can understand and empathize what I’m going through has helped make me realize that despite the challenges, motherhood is magical and it’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Without further adieu, here are 5 beautiful mommies that I know deserve this award.

Sustainably Single Parenting

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The Milk Lady

Life As A Mommy

To get your award, all you have to do is:

(1) Click the above image and use it in your acceptance post.

(2) List three things you love about motherhood.

(3) Nominate as many moms as you like and let them know of the award

Why It’s Lovely To Be A Mommy

Baby, you're funny!

Baby, you’re funny!

I love a lot of things about motherhood, but the top 3 would have to be:

  1. My daughter’s antics. Everyday, my daughter does something or says something that makes me laugh. Whether it’s her complaining that her nose isn’t working, loudly declaring that she’s a monkey, or having philosophical discussions with her toy cars, she’s always looking for ways to tickle my funny bone. Everyday is a laugh riot with her and I’ve never been happier.
  2. Grooming my baby. I enjoy grooming my little girl: brushing her hair, cutting her nails, cleaning her ears. She doesn’t have a vain bone and she doesn’t like it when I comb her hair. I know she’s only letting me groom her because she loves me and she’s Mama’s girl.
  3. Playing with my girl. It’s like life gave me a chance to relive my childhood through my daughter. Playing with her relaxes me, makes me feel young, and makes me believe that anything is possible.


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Mystery Shopper – March 5, 2013


Shopper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you love to shop, shop, shop? If only there was a way you could shop for a living and still take care of the kids…

Yes, there is =)

A Singapore-based company is looking for part-time Mystery Shoppers to check the prices of grocery items and upload the list of products and prices to an online database.

Payment will be based on the number of products/prices that will be collected.

Click here for more details about the position and how to apply.

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Missing Nanny 5:Super Playdates!

Playdate at the Pod! With my cousin and her baby in the background.


Nothing, and I mean nothing, completely drains a toddler’s energy than a playdate with other equally restless toddlers. It’s not an exact science and it varies from child to child. But in my child’s case, one hour of uninterrupted play is equivalent to a 4 hour afternoon nap.

So when my cousin Julie Faith invited me to her weekly playdate (which was set for Valentine’s day that week) at the Pod, I couldn’t say no. I figured if she was able to drain most of her energy that morning, she’d be asleep by 2 pm at the latest and I’d have a few hours to work without interruptions.

It worked.

After lunch, my daughter took a nap with minimal fuss, slept for almost 4 hours, and woke up refreshed. I actually had time to work and hang out with my friends. Best Valentine’s day ever!

But that’s not the only reason why I love playdates. These  playdates  gives us work at home moms and stay at home moms the social interaction we need from people who understand us the most. There, I met other work at home moms and mompreneurs, as well as stay at home moms and working moms.

It was really refreshing and encouraging to see a big group of women that are always ready and willing to help one another with just about any problem. It was nice to be in a room where everyone is cheering you on to make your own choices because they’re also going through the same thing.

Another great thing about these playdates is that it teaches kids to interact with other children early on in a setting that’s comfortable for them. The babies there weren’t afraid to approach other kids and adults because they know mom’s right there. I guess that’s why the babies there are so affectionate. They learn to share their moms and to share affection in a safe environment.

I was also surprised at how gentle my daughter was with the babies in the room. She’s usually a bit rough with her neighborhood friends (who are mostly boys her age) but at our playdate she was very gentle. She was better behaved than I expected, which motivates me to attend more if the opportunity arises.

I had so much fun. I want to thank my cousin Julie Faith again for inviting me, Alex for making me feel welcome there, and to all the “Peas” who were so warm, friendly, and patient with me and my daughter. You made my date-less (hubby had to work) Valentine’s day really memorable and enjoyable. See you guys at the next playdate!


10 Lessons I Want My Child To Learn From Phineas and Ferb

Bianca with her 'brothers' Phineas and Ferb

Bianca with her ‘brothers’ Phineas and Ferb

I’m a BIG fan of Phineas and Ferb, so is my husband and daughter. We’re such big fans we joined the P&F forums and we know enough P&F trivia to qualify as P&F geeks (newbie geeks but geeks nevertheless).

What’s not to love about the show? It’s funny, witty and downright adorable. And as a mother, I like the fact that the show provides a lot of lessons that can help my daughter go through life.

Here are 10 lessons I hope my child learns from Phineas and Ferb.

  1. Nothing is impossible. They’ve done everything possible and a few impossible things. Like Phineas and Ferb, I want my daughter to see the world as a giant playground of limitless possibilities.
  2. Science is awesome. Most episodes of Phineas and Ferb use science to make amazing things. The sad thing though is that most students are afraid of science. I want my daughter to see how science can make your day-to-day amazing (or at the very least, interesting and easier).
  3. Awesome discoveries and inventions are meant to be shared. Notice how Phineas and Ferb immediately share their inventions and discoveries to the neighborhood kids? They know wonderful things are meant to be shared, not hoarded and kept.
  4. Boy and girls are equally awesome. Phineas and Ferb are fun to watch but Isabella and the Fireside girls are just as amazing. They can play just as hard as the boys, they’re respected for it, and they’re still girly and cute.

    Phineas and Ferb (soundtrack)

    Phineas and Ferb (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  5. Stereotypes are meant to be broken. None of the characters in that show are exactly what they seem. Buford, the bully, knows Latin and French. Linda Flynn-Fletcher used to be a pop star. Baljeet, the nerd, can rock as hard as the best of them. Perry is a secret agent! They’re not defined by “labels” and that something I want my daughter to keep in mind as she establishes her own identity.
  6. Pets are part of the family. We don’t have pets at home yet because my daughter is afraid of animals. But I hope when the time comes when she wants to have a pet, she’ll treat that pet as part of the family, someone she can love and care for, and not a toy to be disposed of once she gets bored with it.
  7. There’s always something good in every one of us. Doofenshmirtz is more than just an evil scientist. He’s also a loving dad who would do anything for his daughter, Vanessa. He also cares for Perry, his nemesis, in his own way. That’s because no one is completely evil. There’s always something good inside of all of us, the trick is finding it.
  8. Seize the day. Summer doesn’t last forever and life is short. We should all do what we need and want to do now before it’s too late.
  9. Man proposes, God disposes. In P&F, God literally disposes of their projects through unlikely sets of circumstances. We can plan and plot all we want but we always have to remember that we’re all working according to God’s plan. It’s not in God’s plan for Phineas and Ferb to be busted and they’ll probably never be busted no matter what Candace does.
  10. You’re never too young or too old to do something awesome. The kids always do amazing things but the adults also have a few surprises up their sleeves. Ferb’s Grandpa Reginald has a blog, rides a skateboard, and jumps over gorges using a motorcycle. Phineas’ Grandma Betty Jo used to be in the roller derby and is still a mean skater.  When I reach their age, I want to be just as active and daring.

Any more lesson you guys want to add? Please share =)

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Restaurant Designer – February 8, 2013

Another example how almost any job can be home based.

interior design oxford rogue designs

interior design oxford rogue designs (Photo credit: rogue-designs)

A US based design firm is looking for a home based (yes, home based!) restaurant designer. Applicants must have the following qualifications:

  1. Previous Interior Design experience, restaurant design is a big plus.
  2. Must be passionate and have good design concept.
  3. Must be proficient in SketchUp/CAD/3D Max.
  4. Must able to work with other designers, and take other’s inputs.
  5. Good English verbal/writing skill.
  6. Have reliable computer equipment and software
  7. SOLID internet connection
  8. Work at home, excellent self-management.

Once hired, the designer will be expected to be able to conduct research and provide meaningful design solutions independently, be familiar with design solution and process, and be familiar with interior design, exterior design, storefront design, and etc.

Training (with pay) will be provided on U.S. health codes. Work hours will be Tuesday- Saturday, 7AM – 4PM(Pacific Standard Time).

Interested parties can email their resume and past portfolio to jlstaffs@gmail.com.