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4 Best Places At Home For Work (And How To Make Them Even Better)

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When you work at home ideally you should have a home office. But that’s not always possible especially when you don’t have the space or the resources to build a home office.

Even without a home office, there are plenty of rooms within your own home that would make great work spaces. Finding the best one for you would depend on your situation at home, you schedule, and the type of work that you do.

1. Living Room

For the most part, living rooms are great because it allows you to work comfortably without falling asleep. But if you’re the type of person who is easily distracted, this would not be a good place for you. That because the entire family and guests often hang out in the living room. More often than not, that’s also where the TV is, which can distract you even when you’re alone.

Image courtesy of hit-decor.net

To make the living room work for you, try to carve out some  space away from the couch and the TV. Having a pair of noise cancelling headphones can also help keep out the TV noise so you can focus on work and won’t be tempted to watch TV with your family. And with a bit of creativity, you can blend or camouflage your work space and make it fit with your living room decor.

2. Bedroom

Image courtesy of HGTV.com

I usually retreat to my bedroom when I’m working on a major project and I need to focus. It gives me the privacy I need and it’s a space I know my child respects. But the problem I have with the bedroom is it’s too comfortable. The bed is right there. just a few steps away, calling me to rest my head and take a nap. I can’t count the number of times I’ve fallen asleep simply because I was working in bed.

In order to work in my bedroom without falling asleep, I had to get a table and chair that looked away from the bed. My set up was a lot like the photo you see above. I had a tiny table facing the wall and a chair that’s comfortable enough so I can sit for hours on end without falling asleep. I even resorted to putting curtains between my bed and my work space so I wouldn’t be tempted. That space worked well while it lasted but eventually I had to give it up because of home renovations.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is now where I have set up shop and it’s been good so far. It’s not as distracting as the living room and it’s not as comfortable as the bedroom which is a good thing. My only complaint with this space is I had to pack up my things every time we had to eat. It’s a good thing I only need my laptop to work so it’s not really a big problem. But my sister and I are thinking of having something like this:


That way we can easily hide our office stuff when we have guests over.

4. Outdoors

I know it’s not the best place to work when you’re at home. There’s virtually no privacy, it’s not very comfortable, and the electrical outlets are inaccessible. But it’s actually refreshing to work outdoors, especially when the weather is nice and I don’t have that much to do anyway. All I need is a folding  table, a chair, and a fully charged laptop.

Image courtesy of HermanMiller.com



Author: Julia Jasmine Sta Romana

I'm a writer, enterprise development trainer, activist, full-time mom and part-time superhero. Currently working as 1) VA/content development for Onlinejobs.ph 2) contributor for GMA News Online and Mindanation. 3) internet right activist for Dakila.ph 4) trainer in training for ADFEC 5) co-founder of the Davao Virtual Assistants Association. I like to write about science and technology, parenting, food, society and my advocacy. On my free time I will be found * in school, taking my MBA, * scheming with my sisters on how we can save the world on our free time (Powerpuff!), * playing with our family dogs, * finding the easiest (laziest) way to do chores, and * cheering my daughter as she practices playing her trumpet, off key

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